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B2BinPay Wins Best Crypto Payment Service at Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 — Event Report

B2BinPay participated at the prestigious Crypto Expo Dubai 2023, and the event left an unforgettable impression on us! From March 8th to 9th, our team held a prominent presence and showcased our crypto-related solutions. We created meaningful connections that will help propel us toward success in this industry!

About Crypto Expo Dubai 2023

Crypto Expo is the largest gathering of cryptocurrency professionals in Dubai. Each year, experts from around the world and leading investors come together at Festival Arena to address current market issues. The event provided a platform to discuss promising projects and innovative ideas.

At Crypto Expo Dubai 2023, where over 10,000 traders and investors convened from across the globe, along with 100 cryptocurrency firms, to learn more about the latest industry trends. Sixty expert speakers discussed topics ranging from blockchain technology and Web 3 advancements to relevant regulatory issues.

Our Speakers

We had several of our experts speak at the conference:

Edward Eremeev, Streamline Business Manager at B2BinPay

Edward’s keynote address, entitled “How Crypto Processing Works,” was an insightful look into the complexities of crypto processing. He explained the issues that often arise with cryptocurrency payments and why B2BinPay’s solution is a great choice for companies looking to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their payment systems.

Also, Edward participated in a discussion on “How Web3 Is Creating New Business Models”. Panelists spoke about Bitcoin’s impactful history, as well as the struggles that blockchain businesses face. They also examined how different countries and regions accommodate regulations surrounding the crypto space.

Andrew Matushkin, Head of Global Business Development at B2Broker 

In his keynote “Broker vs. Exchange: How to Run a Successful Crypto Brokerage House,” Andrew Matushkin outlined the disparities between brokers and exchanges, analyzed necessary components for running an affluent crypto broker agency, and highlighted how B2Broker’s services could assist any enterprise in attaining prominence in the cryptocurrency sector.


At the expo, B2BinPay was honored with a prestigious award: Best Crypto Payment Service. This award is yet another testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and provide the best payment solutions for our customers.

Thank You

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 was a magnificent event, and we are incredibly thankful to the attendees who took time out of their day to visit our booth. Having the opportunity to talk to you all and share ideas was a real pleasure! We look forward to creating new relationships as we continue on this journey.

Mark your calendar with upcoming events — we can’t wait to reconnect with you soon!