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B2BinPay Confirms Participation at Wiki Finance Expo Hong Kong

16 - 17 December
HONG KONG, AsiaWorld-Expo
B2Broker Big Booth #B6

B2BinPay is pleased to announce that we will be present at the Wiki Finance Expo 2022! The event will take place on 16th-17th December at AsiaWorld-Expo, and we will have a large booth #B6 in a prime location. This is a great opportunity to meet with potential clients and partners, and we’re looking forward to a successful event.

About Wiki Finance Asia

At Wiki Finance Asia Expo, top industry players and business leaders come together to discuss the latest developments in the world of finance. The expo, which focuses on сurrency trading, banks, financial technology, cryptocurrency, and liquidity service providers, offers a forum for leaders to share their thoughts and future projections. This year’s event will also include prominent app founders and top executives from Hong Kong and China, who will share their perspectives on how technology is influencing and will influence our world.

WikiFX is striving to become the leading finance expo with a strong reputation for credibility and reliability. With over 100 booths and 1,500+ exhibitors, the expo is expected to attract over 13,000 visitors from all around the world — ASEAN, Europe, Middle East, US and China. If you’re interested in finance or looking for new investment opportunities, this is definitely an event you won’t want to miss!

With a consistently high demand for related products and services, the Asian market maintains its leadership position in the global blockchain and financial technology industries. As a result, Wiki Finance Expo is an ideal setting for B2BinPay to demonstrate its technology and liquidity solutions to potential customers. Being able to connect and engage with such a large and influential audience is a valuable opportunity for us, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating what we can do. 

Cryptocurrency Processing

If you’re interested in discussing cryptocurrency payment processing, then you’ll want to check out B2BinPay, our cryptocurrency payment solution. It is ideal for merchant and enterprise clients who require a safe, protected, and cost-effective method of sending, receiving, storing, exchanging, and accepting crypto payments online. Low processing fees, real-time balance/transaction history, downloadable reports, and safe checkout are just a few of the advantages of using B2BinPay.

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