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Recap of B2BinPay’s Impactful Presence at FMLS 2022

Recap of B2BinPay's Impactful Presence at FMLS 2022

One of the UK’s most significant fintech events, the Finance Magnates London Summit 2022, took place from November 21st to 23rd, 2022, and B2BinPay had a unique experience there. Our teams got the fantastic chance to present our creative ideas and work with thought leaders worldwide.

About FMLS 2022

The Finance Magnates London Summit is a highly-anticipated event that assembles the most influential players in online trading and financial services. Every year, attendees come together to network, share ideas, and conduct business transactions over 2.5 days in one of the world’s premier cities – London!

An astounding 3,500+ people attended the summit this year to network and learn from over 130 speakers and 150 exhibitors from various important fintech and online trading businesses. Attendees had the opportunity to network with important service providers and top companies shaping the financial industry going forward.

Banks, hedge funds, and technology and liquidity providers were among the companies in attendance – organisations that have a significant impact on the financial industry. Our B2BinPay representatives were on hand to address any questions and give a thorough explanation of our products.

Our Presence

Our staff got a fantastic chance to share their knowledge with delegates from across the globe at the summit.

John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer, participated in a panel discussion titled “Online Trading: A Futurist Look” on Centre Stage, where he and other business experts talked about the potential impact of emerging technologies on the online trading landscape, including artificial intelligence, crypto processing solutions, and new regulations.

FMLS 2022 | Online Trading, a Futurist Look

The keynote address on “Forex and Crypto Trends 2023” by Arthur Azizov, our CEO, enthralled the audience from the main stage. By exploring current trends that will influence both industries in the years to come, Arthur provided the audience with a preview of what is to come in the Bitcoin and Forex markets.

FMLS 2022 | Forex and Crypto Trends 2023

The talk “Back-Office Technology as a Core of Every FinTech Business” by Ivan Navodnyy, our CPO, was enlightening. He covered the numerous ways that back-office technology may boost productivity in addition to the connections that are essential for smooth corporate operations.

FMLS 2022 | Best Back Office Solution for Your FinTech Business

In the panel discussion “Trends Defining 2023 in Payment Processing,” Mina Louka, CEO of B2BinPay UK and Eqwire, spoke with a number of well-known professionals about the most recent advancements in digital payments and how they could affect the financial services industry.

FMLS 2022 | Trends Defining 2023 in Payment Processing

The FMLS 2022 Wrap-Up

For the whole B2BinPay team, the Finance Magnates London Summit 2022 was an amazing experience. The comments we got from participants inspired us, and we are eager to keep working and offering cutting-edge solutions to our partners and clients throughout the globe!

We appreciate everyone who came, and we hope to see you at the summit next year!

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