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Discussing Payment Technologies & Solutions at The Finance Magnates Africa Summit

B2Binpay at FM Africa Summit 2024

We were honoured to participate in the massive Finance Magnates Africa Summit in South Africa, where leading firms in FinTech and online brokerage came from all over the world.

On May 20-22, in the Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton City, we shared the floor with leading crypto, FinTech, online trading and payment processing companies, sharing innovative ideas and discussing the latest market trends.

We seized the opportunity to showcase our payment technologies to the 2400 attendees and 60+ participating companies.

B2Binpay at The Finance Magnates Africa Summit

Presenting Our Advanced Payment Solutions

As leading crypto payment processors, the event was a great fit for our endeavour, where we collaborated in multiple workshops and planted seeds for futuristic partnerships.

Our participating team welcomed guests to booth #43, where they held conversations and demonstrated our crypto payments solutions and their role in scaling businesses.

The 3-day event brought us closer to our clients and enabled us to present our innovative payment processing systems to a wider audience of industry professionals and creative startups.

B2Binpay at The Finance Magnates Africa Summit

Leading Interesting Discussions

The FMAS expo hosted multiple talks and interactive sessions featuring our head of business development, Andrew Matushkin, who made a remarkable contribution to our fruitful participation.

On the event’s final day, Andrew delivered a keynote presentation about “Digital Asset Brokerage, Structure and Artifice.” In it, he discussed the most recent brokerage trends and practices and offered some crucial tips for launching a successful business.

On the same day, Andrew shared the floor with managers from leading FinTech and policymaking organisations like Mazars and Women in Tech. The panel discussed “Blockchain’s Role in Making Africa’s Financial Systems Inclusive.”, highlighting the blockchain trends and growth in Africa.

B2Binpay at The Finance Magnates Africa Summit

What’s Next for B2BinPay?

The FMAS 2024 was a major success, marking one of our milestones this year in terms of expos and events that hosted our companies B2Broker, B2BinPay and B2Prime as platinum sponsors.

We would like to thank you for attending this event and joining us on this exciting journey. And if you have not attended this time, we will definitely come back next year. Check out our agenda and find us at the next expo. We look forward to hosting you at our booth.

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