Why Accept Crypto Payments in India?

18 June

After the success of our recent webinar entitled, “Why Accept Crypto Payments?”, B2BinPay is pleased to announce that the session will take place once again in Hindi to facilitate the learning process for Indian participants

India Crypto Boom

Cryptocurrencies are now widely accepted as an alternative to fiat payments and with the recent turn of global events, this is now more the case than ever. India’s cryptocurrency sector is booming, with 10x the usual trading volumes recorded during lockdown, according to Bitcoin.com. Crypto is turning out to be a huge opportunity for Indians to trade and earn from it and with the recent regulatory clarity, the trend is set to soar even further.

E-Commerce Opportunities

If you’ve ever wondered why you should accept Bitcoin and other types of crypto payments, it’s clear to see that digital payments are also making a bigger impact in the world of e-commerce. 

There is no better time to get into cryptos and as one of the leading cryptocurrency payment solutions, B2BinPay is offering the opportunity to find out how you too can offer this service to your customers quickly and easily, and reap the benefits of an additional revenue-stream.

Webinar Invitation

Why Accept Crypto Payments in India? is designed to show you how to start accepting cryptos. The webinar will give you quick access to important information and expert know-how so your business can capitalise on the ever-growing trend.

If you want to integrate the services of a reputable cryptocurrency payment processor and offer your customers an exciting new payment method, have questions that you would like to discuss live with the payments experts, or gain practical knowledge and valuable advice to help you get started, you need to attend


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