B2BinPay to Showcase Its Innovative Processing Solutions at EU Blockchain Convention 2023

15 - 17 February
Hyatt Regency Barcelona

B2BinPay is proud to announce its participation in the European Blockchain Convention 2023 in Barcelona, Spain! This convention has been acknowledged as one of the most significant blockchain events in Europe and will take place on February 15-17. Attendees have a great opportunity to explore our innovative crypto-processing solution firsthand!

About EBC2023

The European Blockchain Convention is a world-class event that brings together industry thought leaders, developers, investors, and other key players in blockchain technology. This year, this one-of-a-kind experience will be held at Hyatt Regency Barcelona — a 5-star resort in the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant business quarter.

The convention will provide 2,500+ attendees with an opportunity to explore the innovative applications of this groundbreaking technology and its potential for business transformation. During the three days of the event, guests will be exposed to keynote lectures and panel discussions that will feature more than 200 experts covering a wide range of blockchain-related topics.

Our Speakers

On February 16th at 12:40, B2Broker’s John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer, will deliver a keynote presentation on “Crypto liquidity aggregation: How it works from within.” This informative session promises to give an in-depth exploration into the interior mechanics of liquidity aggregation – a session that is definitely worth attending for those interested in offering cryptocurrency trading services.

About B2BinPay

B2BinPay is an all-in-one crypto payment processor that enables businesses to accept, store, convert, and send cryptocurrencies. Our platform supports many types of coins, stablecoins, and tokens and offers a secure and convenient way for merchants to manage their business transactions. Meet our team at the event if you are interested in learning more about how B2BinPay can benefit you in your business.Take advantage of the opportunity to attend the European Blockchain Convention 2023 and have an unforgettable experience – register now! You won’t want to miss it!

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