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B2BinPay to Participate at the Upcoming Forex Expo Dubai 2022

19 - 20 October
B2BinPay Diamond #101

Our team at B2BinPay is excited to be a part of the upcoming Forex Expo which will take place from October 19th-20th in Dubai, UAE. The highly anticipated event will gather professionals from all over the Forex industry. During the event, B2BinPay will be exhibiting the latest products as a diamond sponsor. Get the latest information on what’s new in the world of FX by attending this event!

About Forex Expo Dubai

Forex Expo is an annual event that allows participants to stay on top of the latest Forex market developments. This year’s Expo will be held at the World Trade Center in Dubai, one of the busiest and most popular places in the city. The WTC plays a crucial role in expanding international trade in the Middle East, which is the perfect venue for an event of this magnitude.

The Forex Expo is one of the most important gatherings for those involved in the currency trading industry. The Expo attracts traders, investors, and businesses worldwide, making it a great platform to exchange ideas about the future of the industry. With a wide range of presentations, workshops, and panel talks led by professionals, attendees can gain valuable insights into the Forex market.

Each year, Expo gathers over 5,000 attendees from more than 30 countries. With over 100 exhibitors, the event provides ample opportunities for visitors to connect with leading companies and explore new products and services.

B2BinPay and Participation

At the upcoming conference, two of our experts will be speaking on the company’s technology solutions and industry trends. Attendees will have the chance to hear from the experts at 12:00-12:30 and 15:30-15:50 and also visit B2BinPay’s Booth #101 to learn more about the company and its products. Whether you’re curious about what B2BinPay has to offer or you’re already a client, this is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and gain valuable insights.

Don’t delay — register right now for the Forex Expo Dubai starting October 18th!


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