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B2BinPay is Suiting Up for Money Expo Mexico 2024

7 - 8 February
B2BinPay is Suiting Up for Money Expo Mexico 2024

B2BinPay, one of the top voices in crypto services globally, will be at Money Expo Mexico, which will take place at the Centro Citibanamex conference centre. On February 7 and 8, the Money Expo Mexico will host a wide range of trade industry specialists to discuss their most recent successes and discoveries. 

What is Money Expo Mexico 2024?  

One of the top conferences for the trading and investment industries in the tech-driven world is Money Expo Mexico. The summit attracts over 3000 attendees to its locations and comprises over 300 financial brokers and 30 distinguished speakers from 10 different nations. 

The entire expo’s goal is to explore and break down the most difficult problems facing the trading industry, offering lots of chances to network and broaden your knowledge of what goes on in the current trading environment. 

Our Participation

The B2BinPay group will provide its fair share of knowledge, perspectives, and most recent findings on the dynamic realm of contemporary trading. Among the event’s extensive array of speakers will be Pamela Linaldi, our Business Development Manager, who will talk about “Crypto Payments for Brokerage and Other Merchants.”

There will be plenty of opportunities for engaging Q&A sessions and value-driven conversations during the presentation.  

Join B2BinPay at Money Expo Mexico 2024 

Anyone looking to expand their trade knowledge and gain a deeper grasp of the cutting-edge technology that propels this industry should visit Money Expo Mexico. 

Join now to network with top business executives, have productive conversations, and learn about the most recent advancements. At booth #21, the B2BinPay team will be ready to see you! 

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