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B2BinPay and Eqwire Are Ready to Deliver at Paris Blockchain Week 2024

8 - 12 April
Paris, France
Booth #68
Paris Blockchain Week 2024 B2BinPay

We are thrilled to announce that B2BinPay and Eqwire will be present at the renowned Paris Blockchain Week, which offers comprehensive coverage of blockchain-related subjects! The site for the Paris Blockchain Week is the Le Carrousel du Louvre, which is situated right in the centre of Paris. B2BinPay is excited to provide the most recent findings and innovative solutions from the fintech and blockchain industries. 

About the Paris Blockchain Week 

Paris Blockchain Week has become a popular cryptocurrency event in recent years, attracting a stellar line-up of speakers and examining the most critical issues facing the blockchain industry. This event offers a thorough rundown of all the latest and greatest blockchain news, including everything from banking and AI solutions to Web 3.0, laws, and business blockchain. 

From April 8 to April 12, the Paris Blockchain Week will be open, providing attendees with plenty of opportunities to network, have productive conversations, and learn about all the most recent developments in the blockchain space. 

Our Participation 

B2BinPay is a premier sponsor and will again present at Paris Blockchain Week! The goal of B2BinPay is to provide the best fintech and digital payment solutions in the modern financial world. Our goal is to offer cutting-edge financial services by using the newest technology in the market. The B2BinPay team will undoubtedly share our discoveries, inventions, and fresh concepts to start interesting discussions and conversations that deepen your knowledge of this field. 

Come Join us at the Paris Blockchain Week 2k24

With an impressive selection of invited speakers and a format supporting value-driven discussions, Paris Blockchain Week 2024 promises to be the best yet! 

Register today for the Paris Blockchain Week 2024 and get a shot at discussing the latest blockchain topics with B2BinPay’s and Eqwire’s leading experts. Check us out at the booth # 68! 

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