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B2BinPay is Honoured to Present at Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2024

19 - 20 May
Dubai, UAE
B2BinPay at Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2024

We are happy to announce that B2BinPay will be among the main speakers at the biggest forex conference in the business, the Forex Traders Summit 2024. This major event aims to bring together a distinguished group of forex specialists, top companies, and business owners to advance the sector. 

The renowned Festival Arena in Dubai will host the Forex Traders Summit Dubai. The two days of the event will begin on May 19 and finish on May 20, 2024!

About the Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2024

Forex Traders Summit, hosted in Dubai, is one of the most prominent events in the foreign exchange industry. This event addresses industry-wide FX concerns and presents the most fascinating new advancements in the sector. 

The most brilliant brains in this field will share their expertise with colleagues and the public by discussing their most recent successes and discoveries. 

Naturally, the Forex Traders Summit will include lively debates, well-prepared lectures, and hands-on workshops to cover the most recent developments in forex in depth. 

Leading businesses in the field will share their most recent findings and demystify complex FX subjects. The two-day conference is intended to be completely interactive, offering attendees plenty of opportunities to network and obtain priceless insights. 

Our Participation

As an elite-tier sponsor, our team has prepared to present a thorough synopsis of our accomplishments, innovations, and technical details about the forex industry. 

Our attendees include our Chief Dealing Officer, John Murillo, the Head of the Business Development Department, Andrew Matushkin, and Sergey Ryzhavin, the head of B2Copy. 

Together, they will explore the nuances of the foreign exchange market and discuss various exciting subjects crucial for prospective forex brokers. 

Join Us at Forex Traders Summit Dubai

A powerful gathering covering all pertinent facets of investing, forex, and other connected issues is the Forex Traders Summit Dubai. This is a great chance to expand your knowledge and learn about the most recent advancements in FX and fintech. Register now to meet our presenters in person at the Forex Traders Summit! Please stop by booth #6!

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