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B2BinPay Concludes iFX Dubai Expo 2024 With a Great Success

iFX Dubai 2024 B2BinPay

We concluded our time at iFX Dubai Expo, one of the largest exhibitions for technology, FinTech and trading companies around the world. During the 3-day event, business influencers and leaders discussed the latest industrial trends and updates, sharing critical opinions for the future.

B2BinPay shared the floor with market gurus and financial experts from Jan 16-18,  introducing our payment services and technology solutions to the world and planting seeds for prospective partnerships and potential investments. 

Let’s introduce you to some of our activities and what you might have missed.

Sharing The Floor With Global Leaders

Thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs and corporations attended the event, including the most influential ones, such as Mastercard, AvaTrade, MetaQuotes, Binance, Citibank, and more.

Our team had interesting conversations at our booth, welcoming interested attendees and introducing them to our technology solutions and advanced payment services, which managed to secure great interest from prestigious companies and investors.

Debating on Pressing Issues and Trends

Our senior management team participated in multiple workshops, Q&A sessions and panel discussions, touching on critical topics and sharing opinions regarding the present and the future of the industry, especially with the recent growth of AI and automated trading services.

Our CEO, Arthur Azizov, joined an exciting panel discussion about “Tech Renaissance in Trading: Empowering Brokers and Traders”. With industrial leaders and experts, Arthur discussed the breakthrough of AI applications in trading platforms and the best practices for cybersecurity for traders and brokers.

In another forum, John Murillo, our Chief Dealing Officer, participated in the topic “Liquidity Dynamics: Redefining Strategies for Success”, where he navigated through the changes in liquidity and how they affected businesses around the world.

These discussions were followed by questions from the attendees, where Arthur and John answered interesting queries and shared critical insights.

Same Place, Next Year?

iFX Dubai Expo 2024 was a great success and a crucial milestone in our strive for excellence and commitment to innovation. We learned and educated with industry experts and engaged in prospective conversations with massive investors and businesses.

With the success and the goals reached this year in Dubai, we have no reason to miss out on next year’s iFX Dubai Expo, where we can share critical updates and insights, following the dynamic nature of this industry.