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B2BinPay to Participate in PAY360 2024 London Event

19 - 20 March
London, UK
Booth #3
B2BinPay to Participate in PAY360 2024 London Event

We are pleased to inform you that B2BinPay will present at PAY360 London, the world’s largest assembly of disruptors and innovators in digital payments. On March 19-20, 2024, the PAY360 event will take place in London’s ExCel venue, giving a lot of enthusiasts and business owners a chance to learn about the newest advancements and trends in the payment industry. 

Why PAY360 London Event Matters

The PAY360 London event is one of the biggest events addressing the digital payments landscape, with over 120 speakers and 3500 guests. The top experts in the payments sector will talk about a range of important subjects over two days to advance this profession. 

Verified professionals and top thinkers in the payments industry will engage in a thorough discussion of a range of significant technologies, innovations, and other key ideas. The ExCel Venue will host the PAY360 London event. 

Our Participation

The B2BinPay team will provide insights on the most recent technological advancements, updates, and intriguing concepts related to the payments sector as one of the esteemed presenters at the PAY360 London exhibition. The list of our attendees includes Andrew Matushkin, head of business development at Eqwire and B2Binpay, Pamela Linaldi, a business development manager, and Mina Louka, CEO of Eqwire and B2Binpay UK. 

Together, our team members will demystify the complicated world of digital payments via engaging case studies, lively debates, and a value-driven presentation. 

Visit Us at PAY360 2024 London

Few events match the value and relevance of PAY360 London because of its extensive lineup of top payment industry professionals and its highly interactive structure for crucial conversations. 

Come talk with the B2BinPay team about vital payments-related subjects by registering for the PAY360 London event. Those interested in the newest advancements in digital payments should visit booth #3!

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