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Token 2049 Singapore is Around The Corner – Here Are Our Plans

18 - 19 September
Suiting Up For Crypto Discussions at The Massive Token 2049

Token 2049 is a globally renowned recurring event for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, developers and professionals. These events take place at famous technology hubs, which will be held in Singapore this time on September 18-19.

We are excited to partake in this summit and to share the floor with leading firms and executives in this space, such as Binance, Circle BitMEX and Coinbase.

As industry-defying crypto payment providers, we are looking forward to bringing our advanced technology and payment processing systems closer to our clients, partners, and institutional investors.

Powering The Best Crypto Brokers and Exchanges

This two-day event will be a perfect opportunity for us to present our payment technologies, including our latest updates, where we expanded our blockchain support and introduced new features that every broker must acquire. 

Find our booth and get your hands on the best crypto/fiat payment tools, which will help you boost your business and improve your asset security. 

We plan to make this event memorable by participating in various workshops, debating on pressing issues, and talking from the main stage.

Join The World’s Technology and Crypto Elites 

Over 15,000 guests are expected to attend, while 400+ exhibitors and 250+ speakers will contribute to ensure Token 2049 is a unique experience.Drop by and get ready for two days full of crypto and blockchain discussions and updates. Don’t forget to get your tickets and check out our expo agenda for more upcoming events.

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