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B2BinPay Gears Up for iFX EXPO International 2024!

18 - 20 June
Limassol, Cyprus
B2BinPay Gets Ready for iFX EXPO International 2024!

B2BinPay, a powerhouse provider of payment processing solutions in the global landscape, is excited to announce our participation in the highly anticipated iFX EXPO International, taking place from June 18th to 20th, 2024, in Limassol, Cyprus.

Unveiling the iFX EXPO International 2024 Stage

This flagship event convenes the brightest minds and most innovative companies shaping the digital trading landscape. iFX EXPO serves as the ideal platform to connect, collaborate, and explore the future of online trading. The EXPO boasts over 100 industry experts as speakers, delegates from over 120 countries, and a projected 4,000 attendees from around the world, fostering a dynamic environment for insightful discussions within the online trading sector.

B2BinPay’s Participation: Shaping the Future of Payments

B2BinPay has consistently been a powerhouse in the digital trading industry, relentlessly pushing boundaries and developing cutting-edge solutions to empower brokers and traders alike. At the iFX EXPO, we’ll showcase achievements and future plans for advancing payment processing within the digital trading space.

Our esteemed speakers, John Murillo and Andrew Matushkin, will be featured in insightful keynote speeches. John Murillo, our group’s Chief Dealing Officer, will delve into “What’s Next for Liquidity Providers?” analysing the current landscape and exploring potential areas for improvement within this niche. 

Following that, Andrew Matushkin, our Lead Business Development Manager, will dissect the topic of “Next-Gen of Trade Tech,” highlighting emerging technologies that have the potential to streamline and simplify digital trading processes for brokerages and other business models.

Witness the Cutting Edge of Digital Trading

Join us at iFX EXPO International 2024 and participate in the discussions shaping the future of digital trading! We look forward to welcoming you, engaging in thought-provoking conversations, and demonstrating how B2BinPay’s comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions can propel your business forward.

Register now and visit us at Booth #3, where our industry veterans will be eager to connect with you!

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