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Crypto payments are seen as a must for today’s businesses that want to keep up with the times and overtake their competitors. However, the world of crypto processing still frightens conservative business owners who take into account any hurdles and headaches that they may face.

B2BinPay is a revolutionary technology that makes crypto payments as easy as ABC. Connect your business to that gateway and open your goods and services to crypto holders throughout the world. Furthermore, the technology never stands still, always looking to improve on what merchants already have. As such, the 2.0 version makes payments even easier and convenient for merchants, enterprises and other business models.

What has changed in the B2BinPay upgrade? Clients access new features, new blockchains, new tokens and more that will definitely help them overtake their competitors and attract crowds of new customers.

B2BinPay, a Revolutionary Opportunity for Businesses

What is the core idea of this payment gateway? Business owners obtain a solution to securely accept crypto payments, receive, send, and store digital assets. Transactions are available throughout the world. The award-winning payment gateway offers clients different choices – which currencies to receive, how to connect the gateway, and more. The solution also enables every business owner to have the best matching option.

Convert Received Funds to the Assets You Prefer

Version 2.0 enhances the opportunities of merchants and enterprises. Clients can decide on their own which currencies to receive. The automated conversion is a brand-new opportunity that makes the payment gateway entirely compatible with business owners’ demands. For instance, a business owner is afraid of volatility – the conversion into fiat currencies is available. Another way to minimize risks lies in the possibility to convert all the digital currencies into stablecoins. The same principle works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. Business owners manage assets they receive on their own.

Four Steps from Invoice to Settlement

What does the crypto acceptance process look like? From invoice to settlement four stages take place:

  1. Customers access digital currencies among other payment options.
  2. When a customer confirms a transaction, funds are taken from his (her) wallet.
  3. The processor automatically converts obtained funds to a digital or fiat currency chosen by a merchant (if there is one).
  4. The system completes settlements, sending funds either to bank accounts (via SEPA, SWIFT, and Faster Payments), or to secure crypto-wallets.

When business owners need the conversion, currencies are exchanged with one of the lowest fees in the market.

KYC Verification to Withdraw Funds

Once you need to withdraw funds from your wallets, the procedure is available in one click. Withdrawals are unlocked for verified accounts only. B2BinPay corresponds to the legal requirements; this is why KYC verification is a mandatory step for every client. The identification procedure consists of the following steps: ID and selfie verification. That may sound complicated, but the whole process takes about 10-15 minutes. Complete the verification and withdraw fiat and crypto funds whenever you want.

The Best Matching Connection

The perfection of the technical side is among the company’s top priorities. This said, B2BinPay unlocks two connection options for its clients: via a unified API for all blockchains, or on a company’s payment page as a White Label model. Think about which solution matches your demands the most.

As for the connection via Rest API, merchants and enterprises find no need to connect a single API for every blockchain, as the up-to-date crypto world is ruled by a variety of networks. One unified API is entirely enough to cover all the demands. Furthermore, the second version has modernized the system of invoices and acquires to reach a win-win option – transactions are simple and secure for both sides.

No matter which connection option is chosen, the integration begins at the staging environment where the developers test the gateway and minimize the bug risks.

What Do Clients Get?

B2BinPay is a solution of numerous features, and the recent upgrades make this gateway the leading processor to accept crypto payments.

Set the Preferred Transaction Speed Up

Choose the transaction speed that is the best for both you and your customers. In the crypto world, transaction speed depends directly on commissions. The higher fees are – the faster crypto transactions are expected to be processed.

Get Email Notifications about Transfers

Clients indicate their email addresses to get notified about all the transactions confirmed in the network.

Use the address book to save your time

Business owners may speed their payouts up – one click, and the required address is taken from your address book.

Let the system protect your account

The protection consists of two levels. Foremost, the system informs merchants and enterprises about suspicious activity when detected. The 2 FA authentication is an additional protective measure that makes it impossible for cybercriminals to get access even in the case of a password breach.

High-quality support

Technical support is important for all the services related to crypto payments. B2BinPay empowers clients to create tickets with attached photos and videos to get an answer as soon as possible.

For merchants, enterprises, and more…

B2BinPay is an award-winning payment gateway that matches diverse business needs. E-commerce marketplaces, investment funds, brokerage companies, exchanges, and other businesses will get a win-win solution while partnering with B2BinPay.

Contact our experts now to access more information!

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