B2BinPay Announces that LINK is Among the Available Digital Assets Now

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The global cryptocurrency payment provider B2BinPay has added LINK to the array of digital assets accessible for enterprises. The step shows the provider always strives to keep up with the times and offer the best solution for customers.

Chainlink is a blockchain platform oriented to protect the information within the blockchain, preventing unauthorized access during the process of working with smart-contracts. This blockchain consists of nodes called oracles. The decentralized network of oracles verifies input data from different sources and then sends them to a smart-contract. Hence, Chainlink oracles serves as reliable bridges between data providers and their customers.

False information is among the key-note problems Internet users face, and Chainlink is able to solve it, making the World Wide Web more reliable as a whole. This network makes it possible to exclude inaccurate and unreliable data; therefore, the project has promising perspectives.

LINK is a utility-token intended to be used within the Chainlink ecosystem. The new cryptocurrency appeared in 2017, having a price of $0.14 for one coin. The year 2020 is the massive breakthrough for the network, as Chainlink announced partnership with different crypto projects and top-rated corporations like AAVE, Binance, Google, etc. On August 17, 2020, the LINK’s price reached its all-time high at $19.32 per coin.

At present, LINK is the 5th digital asset, according to the volumes of market capitalization. While talking about 24 hours trading volumes, the crypto is the 7th most traded virtual currency. According to experts, the Chainlink project foresees the future; hence, the ecosystem is expected to achieve more success. While talking about the growing popularity of this token, the following facts should be highlighted:

  • According to Brian Quinlivan, network growth is among the top preconditions for coin price growth. As for LINK, the number of investors skyrocketed by 817% within the last 20 months.
  • Chainlink continues to forge a partnership with global corporations. In 2020, the list of business partners included such companies as Cypherium, Fantom, ParaFi Capital, etc.
  • Chainlink solutions are used by DeFi projects, and that is among the most important factors to open further perspectives for LINK.

The integration of LINK with B2BinPay crypto payment provider is equally important for both. The provider gets the ability to join the process of making future information space more reliable, while the crypto gets a powerful ally that builds a bridge between the digital assets and businesses. Enterprises are able to receive, store, or exchange LINK tokens conveniently and safely.

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