How B2Binpay works
The dealer adjusts and controls payments
in a personal account.
  • Setup of shop

    Before starting the shop we adjust the work of shop: contact information; cash cards from which payments are accepted; payment currencies. You set data of the test cash card to make sure that payments arrive. When the payment has arrived or was rejected, you receive the notification.

  • Search of payments

    You can check the last arrived payments. If there is no exact payment among them, you can find it by unique ID, or name of the buyer, e-mail of the buyer, date, amount, status or a payment type.

  • Management of payments: checks and returns

    You can check data of any transaction by a payment card, draw the repeated check to the buyer or return money for purchase.

  • Reports on transactions

    The personal account generates two report types:

    The financial statement, to control a financial situation in your shop. It shows payment statuses. You always know how many money arrived into the account, how many it was necessary to return to buyers, what the commission you are paying.

    The statistic report, is to better understand your clients. The report issues detailed data on each payment: the identifier in system, the status, currency, the amount, handling cost, a payment type, date of creation, date of clearing, the first and last name of the client, the address of the client and other data. To work with the report more convenient, you can export it to the Excel-document.

Request for receipt of the payment service provider

We will send you the questionnaire with questions of your business, licenses, jurisdiction, the markets and amount of transactions. It will help us to calculate the estimated cost of service. We don't take money for payment service provider, only the commission from payments.